We celebrate women human rights defenders – those who hare brave enough to stand up for all women's human rights! Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna
We celebrate women human rights defenders – those who hare brave enough to stand up for all women's human rights! Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna

#Femdefenders – the bravest in the world!

All over the world women are faced with threats, violence and harassment – just because they are women. In spite of this, women human rights defenders are standing up for women’s rights. We call them #femdefenders, the bravest women in the world!

In this years #Femdefenders campaign we especially want to celebrate young women human rights defenders. In many countries, it is expected of women to become good housewifes that serve and obey their husbands. Many young women have no right to education and lack power over their own bodies.

Through The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s training programme Young Women’s Peace Academy we have met many inspiring #femdefenders who fight against expectations and tear down barriers. They come from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Sweden. Their aim is to create a world of peace and equality, where everyone, regardless of their gender, are allowed to choose their own way of life. Together, #femdefenders can change the world!

#Femdefenders – Young women who tear down barriers

In connection with the campaign and the celebration of the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day at the end of November, we will also be launching a new report. 128 young women human rights defenders have answered a survey with questions on their experiences of threats and violence, nationalism, their ability to influence society and the strategies they use to make their voices heard. Some of the activists are also presented in close-up portraits. Keep your eyes open for the release!

Take action!

If you are living in Sweden there are several ways you can support the campaign:

  • Send an sms with the word FEMDEFENDERS to 72980, to donate 50 SEK to Kvinna till Kvinna’s work with supporting women human rights defenders.
  • Buy a femdefenders bag or mobile shell. The proceeds will go to, for example, strengthening women human rights defenders’ security and educating young women in women’s rights.
  • Give a monthly donation and help us to give long-term support to women human rights defenders in conflict-affected regions.

If you are not living in Sweden, you can support the campaign by:

  • Join our facebook page and share our news and stories about the crucial work that femdefenders do and the situation for young women activists in conflict-affected countries as well as other societies. The more we spread the word, the harder it will be for decision-makers to ignore women’s rights!

Celebrate with us in Stockholm

November 29 is Femdefenders Day – the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. But our celebration will start already on Friday November 27 with a party at Marie Laveau, Hornsgatan 66 in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you can, bring your friends and come join us! It will be an evening filled with inspiring young #femdefenders and live music with amazing artists, and from 11 pm Club Peachy with Femtastic will make everyone dance for women’s human rights!

For more information visit the event on Facebook.


Meet young #femdefenders

“My brother threatened to kill me”  

Leyla MurshudovaLeyla Murshudova from Azerbaijan was forbidden by her family to work. But she defied the threats from relatives and society and choose her own path. Now, she is committed to women human rights issues.

Updated in: 2015-11-12