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Terms of Reference, Scoping study Somalia

Kvinna till Kvinna is commissioning a consultant or a team of consultants to conduct a scoping study of Somalia.

1. Organisation and Background Information

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (hereafter Kvinna till Kvinna) is a Swedish non- profit organisation that has been supporting women in conflict affected areas since it was established in 1993. Currently Kvinna till Kvinna supports over 100 partner organisations in 18 countries that work to empower women, build women’s leadership and organising, and address violence against women. The approach, as for all of Kvinna till Kvinna’s work, is based on strong local ownership, long-term financial support, networking and organisational development through dialogue and capacity development for partner organisations. Kvinna till Kvinna started its support for women in Africa in Liberia in 2007 and has since also expanded to include a programme in DR Congo and in Rwanda. Building on an assessment made in 2016 of the Greater Horn of Africa and conversations with a number of key actors in the context, the organisation is now looking to conduct a scoping study to identify opportunities to engage in Somalia.

2. Assignment

Kvinna till Kvinna is commissioning a consultant or a team of consultants to conduct a scoping study of Somalia. The scoping study will provide the basis for programme development including a complete multi-year programme proposal to relevant donors.

Kvinna till Kvinna’s scoping study for Somalia should provide Kvinna till Kvinna with:

  1. A high quality analysis of the situation in the different regions of Somalia with focus on the Women, Peace and Security Framework and women ́s human rights.
  2. A mapping of key local women’s rights organisations and networks working in the area of Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in Somalia, including their vision and mission, needs, priorities an strategies for change in order to identify women’s right organisations representing women from diverse sectors of the Somali society;
  3. A mapping of relevant interventions, best practices and lessons-learned in relation to the WPS agenda in Somalia;
  4. An assessment of Kvinna till Kvinna’s added value in the context
  5. A risk analysis as well as a risk and crisis management strategy, which will inform the recommendations for any subsequent long-term engagement.
  6. Based on a cross-analysis of identification of gaps in current programming and Kvinna till Kvinna’s added value, recommendations for programming, i.e. at least two coherent programmatic options within the WPS agenda;
  7. A programme intervention strategy (method including the security aspects, suggested cooperating partners and potential links to ongoing projects and programmes e.g. those of the UN agencies)

3. Methodology

The consultancy will be conducted partly as a desk study of available material related to Somalia and Kvinna till Kvinna’s strategy, methodology and working modalities as well as the Kvinna till Kvinna assessment of Somalia made in the Greater Horn of Africa study from 2016. In order to complement the existing documentation interviews with selected women’s rights organisations in the country as well as other relevant stakeholders such as the UN, INGOs, embassies, government agencies and Kvinna till Kvinna staff will also be conducted.

4. Deliverables

  • Work plan including activities and timetable (to be developed in close consultation with Kvinna till Kvinna staff);
  • Final consultancy report
  • A draft programme proposal
  • A multi-year programme proposal including a draft results framework (logframe- including draft baseline, indicators and data sources/means of verification (to be revised during the first programme year), work plan and a budget estimate (related to 5-10 budget lines)

5. Time frame

A work plan should be discussed with Kvinna till Kvinna within two weeks after the signing of a contract.
The draft programme proposal should be available no later than May 1st 2018.

6. Required skills and competencies:

The consultant/ consultancy team should have:

  • Good contextual knowledge and understanding of Somalia, challenges and opportunities for civil society actors and especially women’s rights organisations in the context.
  • Knowledge of women’s rights and the Women, peace and security agenda.
  • Documented analytical and proposal writing skills (in English).
  • Sound knowledge and experience of results based management (RBM), monitoring and evaluation.
  • University degree preferably in political science, gender studies, international law, human rights or other related disciplines
  • Ability to plan and meet requirements on time;
  • Languages– Fluency in oral and written English. Somali is considered a major asset.
  • The ability to travel around in Somalia to conduct interviews

7. Financial framework

The consultant fees shall be specified as fee per day including taxes, social security contributions and VAT. The total budget for the assignment shall cover all costs (including salaries, travel and per diem and any other expenses related to the assignment such as hiring of interpreter/ local team members).

Contracted consultant cannot further subcontract the assignment. In cases where the tender includes a team of consultants, their division of labour and CVs of each team member shall be presented.

8. Required information

The consultant shall submit a CV in the tender as well as the following information:

  • Methods for developing the scoping study and time frame
  • Fees including VAT and all expenses in accordance with Financial framework;
  • References to previously completed studies similar to this scoping study
  • Contact information

9. Deadline for submission of tender

Tenders must be submitted to Kvinna till Kvinna no later than December 17th 2017 Kvinna till Kvinna intends to sign a contract no later than January 15th, 2017.

Tenders should be sent by mail or email to Kvinna till Kvinna:
Att: Katarina Inkinen
Slakthusplan 3
121 62 Johanneshov, Sweden



For any questions, please contact Katarina Inkinen, Grants Manager Africa,

28 november 2017