"Militia groups gathered around my house"

Published: 2014-11-21 14:09
"Being forced to flee your home is like being thrown away like a ball – and not knowing where you will land," says Buthainah Mahmood. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karin Råghall.

Women human rights defender Buthainah Mahmood got her life shattered when, last summer, she was forced to flee her home in Iraq. Today, she is one of millions of internally displaced people (IDP:s) in Iraq. But that does not stop her from working for human rights.

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War victims break the silence with art

Published: 2014-11-20 16:07
Veprore Shehu from Medica Kosova, shows paintings made by survivors of war rape during art therapy. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karin Råghall.

Is the war in Kosovo really over? Technically, it ended 15 years ago, but for tens of thousands of women, the war is still very present – in their memories, bodies and psyches.

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Actions on sexual violence for Congolese military forces

Published: 2014-11-18 13:48
Despite the peace agreement from 2003, armed conflicts has continued to flare up in the eastern parts of DR Congo, and especially civilians in rural areas have been targets for sexual violence. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Anna Lithander.

”Addressing oppressive masculinities in the army should be a priority. Soldiers and police officers come from a patriarchal society and behave as they have been taught,” comments Muthaka Ilot Alphonse, executive director of Congo Men’s Network.

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"Those in power are afraid of us"

Published: 2014-11-12 12:12
Gé-Gé Katana was put in house arrest for a long time because of her activism. She still receives threats, but nowadays the authorities are eager to show that they support her organisation's work. Photo: Cato Lein.

Gé-Gé Katana is a women’s rights defender working in Uvira in eastern DR Congo. She plays a central role in the struggle for women’s influence in society. Which also means meeting a lot of resistance. The threats against her have been numerous and she has both been arrested and forced into exile.

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Armenian newspaper promoted firing of LGBT activists

Published: 2014-11-06 14:55
”I have been threatened before because of my work for gender equality. But there were a number of people on that list who are not active in LGBT rights advocacy, and now have become targets for hate messages," says women human rights defender Anna Nikoghosyan. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karin Råghall.

Armenian activist Anna Nikoghosyan got her name and personal information published in the newspaper Iravunk. The paper claimed that she and 59 others ”serve the interests of international homosexual lobbying” and should be considered enemies of the nation. 16 of them sued – and lost.

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"Freedom is something you have to take"

Published: 2014-11-05 10:07
"What I have been through is proof enough that any woman can start a new life," says women human rights defender Dalal Jumaah from Iraq. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karin Råghall.

After having been beaten by her husband for 21 years, Dalal Jumaah reached a point where she felt “I’ve had enough, I deserve something better”. Today, she helps other women in vulnerable positions – but she pays a high price.

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Women activists key in fighting Ebola

Published: 2014-11-03 16:02
Liberian women's rights activists training in how to take care of an infected person at home, during a workshop on Ebola. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Ruth Toby.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has chosen to stay on in Liberia to support the fight against Ebola together with our 14 partner women’s organisations. Focus is on strengthening the work with infection prevention

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"I was accused of being a spy"

Published: 2014-10-30 10:52
"I was close to being thrown in jail because of my belief in human equality," says femdefender Julia Kharashvili. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karolina Sturén.

For more than two decades, Julia Kharashvili has been working for women’s rights in Georgia. A work that has born fruit. Today the organisation she co-founded – Association “Imedi” IDP women’s movement for peace – is an important civil society platform and Julia Kharashvili is known to most people within the nonprofit sector.

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Women's center crucial for Syrian refugees

Published: 2014-10-28 16:08
Kvinna till Kvinna supports a newly opened center for women in Killis, Turkey, near the Syrian border. Here, Syrian refugee women receive support and education and are also provided with a kindergarten. Photo: SFD Killis Center.

The conflict in Syria is forcing many people to flee. In the border town of Killis in Turkey, The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation supports a newly opened women’s center, that offers a meeting place for women. Here they get to deal with traumatic experiences and can learn basic crafts to earn some money.

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