Proceeds from book about domestic violence to Kvinna till Kvinna

Published: 2014-07-12 08:00
Swedish author Lisa Westerlund's debut book deals with the topic of domestic violence and part of the proceeds from the sells she will donate to Kvinna till Kvinna. "I wanted the money to go to the work against this violence," she says. Photo: Oscar Westerlund.

This fall, Lisa Westerlund makes her debut as a novelist, with a book about domestic violence. And she is donating part of the proceeds to The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.
“If I were to make money on this book, it’s not just my money. I want them to also go to women who experience violence every day, and those who are working to stop it,” she says.

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Attacks on Women in Black activists in Serbia

Published: 2014-07-10 15:37

Tuesday 8 july, activists from Women in Black were violently attacked by a large group of men in Western Serbia when they held a peaceful commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica. The activists were on their way to Potocari in Bosnia and Herzegovina where a yearly manifestation …

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Porn campaign was meant to silence Vanja

Published: 2014-07-01 13:33
Smear campaign targeting anti-corruption activist Vanja Ćalović in the news paper Informer, Montenegro. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Emma Janke.

“It could be a picture from any porn site: a woman photographed naked with her legs spread apart and a Dalmatian dog with its nose between them. But these images have a different purpose. They are part of a smear campaign targeting a woman who has challenged the men in power.”

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Young women stepping forward

Published: 2014-07-01 11:07
The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation's training programme gathered young women from all over the Middle East region to learn about advocacy work and networking. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Matilda Reiderstedt.

In a world where it’s difficult for women in general to make their voices heard, young women often get passed by altogether. To change this, The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has organised trainings for young women activists with a recent focus on the Middle East. The subject: how to package messages to reach people in power.

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Works against oppression in the West Bank

Published: 2014-06-27 11:15
Handmade Palestine bracelets at the Ramallah trade fair. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Isabella Westerberg.

Life for women in the Palestinian West Bank is often hard, facing oppression of occupation as well as of a patriarchal society. Educating people on women’s rights and working against discriminatory legislation are some examples of how the organisation Palestinian Working Women Society for Development works to make a change.

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Successful challenging of men's power in DR Congo

Published: 2014-06-13 16:42
Participants in the Women, Citizenship and Peacebuilding project meeting to talk about results and how to continue working to strengthen women's power in DR Congo. Photo: International Alert.

One of the The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s main focuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is working to increase women’s participation in decision-making – an area that needs much support since deeply rooted patriarchal traditions are common.
We talked to our Field Representative in DR Congo, Susanna Rudehill, to find out if there have been any changes in the situation for Congolese women

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"I hope to build networks with feminists worldwide"

Published: 2014-06-12 12:19
"I am delighted to be able to participate in Nordiskt Forum and engage with other like-minded people," says Lebense women's rights defender Lina Abou Habib, who arrives in Malmö today. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Alexandra Karlsdotter Stenström.

Lina Abou Habib from Lebanon is one of the international women’s rights defenders invited by The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation to participate in a Nordic conference gathering thousands of feminists. One of her key focuses is to discuss how feminists can challenge the growing influence of extremism.

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