Women’s Economic Empowerment consultancy

2017-03-02 16:47

1. Background to the assignment

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (hereafter Kvinna till Kvinna) has been strengthening women in regions affected by war and conflict since 1993. Currently Kvinna till Kvinna supports over 100 partner organisations in 17 countries that work to empower women, build women’s leadership and organising, and address violence against women. The approach, as for all of Kvinna till Kvinna’s work, is based on strong local ownership, long-term financial support, networking and organisational development through dialogue and capacity development for partner organisations.

Kvinna till Kvinna works in the intersection of peace, human security and development. Kvinna till Kvinna views poverty as multi-dimensional and as a lack of entitlements due to unequal structures in society. Transforming power relations is at the heart of women´s empowerment. The support to partners is focusing on women´s active participation in decision-making at different levels such as national and local governance and in various arenas for instance advocacy and peace-building or on the household level. Livelihood and economic empowerment are key aspects of women´s lives and crucial for increased participation in society and in decision-making. Kvinna till Kvinna has, during a number of years, supported partner organisations’ interventions in the area of Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) but would now like to systematise this work through an analysis of the support to identify interventions and best practices pertaining to WEE and develop recommendations for strategic programming within this thematic area.

2. The Assignment

Kvinna till Kvinna is recruiting a consultant (or a team of consultants) to contribute to the further development of the organisation’s support to initiatives within WEE through the conduct of a mapping and analysis of lessons learned from previous/ongoing Kvinna till Kvinna supported interventions in this thematic area.

The objective is to provide Kvinna till Kvinna with:

  1. A mapping of interventions within WEE that Kvinna till Kvinna have already supported in its different programmes and identify and systematise lessons learned, and Kvinna till Kvinna’s added value related to these;
  2. An assessment of the current ‘state of the field’ in research and trends with regards to WEE including best practices and lessons-learned;
  3. An identification of gaps in and recommendations for Kvinna till Kvinna´s niche/ programming, based on the cross-analysis of findings from 1 and 2;
  4. Guiding principles for WEE in accordance with Kvinna to Kvinna´s values and perspectives;
  5. Potential tools/ learning modules on WEE for Kvinna till Kvinna offices and partners.

3. Methodology

Desk study review of publications from reputable and diversified sources within academia, government and civil society and Kvinna till Kvinna key policy and programme documents (including external evaluations and baselines). Skype interviews with all Kvinna till Kvinna programme offices (11), staff at the Head offices, partner organisations, as well as potential experts.

4. Deliverables

  • A work plan with timeline
  • A draft report including a clear mapping of previous Kvinna till Kvinna supported interventions and learnings as well as recommendations related to Kvinna till Kvinna potential niche and potential way forward based on the assessment of the ‘state of the field’.
  • A draft for guiding principles and potential learning modules.
  • A final report
  • Capacity building workshop on WEE in Stockholm in June and in Kigali in September/October 2017.

5. Time frame

The duration of the assignment is an estimated total of maximum 20 working days between March 27th and May 8th 2017. A work plan should be discussed with Kvinna till Kvinna within one week after signing of the contract. The draft report should be available no later than 28th April 2017. The final documentation to be submitted no later than May 8th 2017.

6. Required skills and competencies:

The consultant should have:

  • Documented good knowledge of Women’s Economic Empowerment within global South preferably through work experience from civil society support within the area.
  • Extensive experience conducting research.
  • Excellent writing skills (in English).
  • Good organisational and analytical skills
  • Relevant university degree, Minimum a BA degree in international development, affairs, or relations, development studies, political science, international human rights law, gender, etc.
  • Ability to plan and meet requirements on time.
  • Documented experience from methods development (including the development of organisational strategies, policies and guidelines).
  • Experience from developing pedagogic methodological material is meriting
  • Experience of conducting capacity building workshops with focus on learning

7. Eligibility and Tender Submission

Kvinna till Kvinna seeks application of interest from qualified individual consultant(s). Interested parties should submit an application including a short cover letter outlining their qualifications for this assignment, accompanied by a CV, an outline on methodology and a financial proposal. The financial proposal should include all costs, including daily consultant fees inclusive of social security contributions, VAT and any other taxes, if needed, travel and accommodation costs and any other expenses related to the assignment.

Tenders must be sent to Kvinna till Kvinna no later than March 20th 2017
Kvinna till Kvinna intends to sign a contract no later than March 27th 2017
Tenders should be sent by email to monica.erwer@kvinnatillkvinna.se
Contracted consultant cannot further subcontract the assignment. In cases where the tender includes a team of consultants, their division of labour shall be presented.

8. Contact

For any questions, please contact Monica Erwér, PME&L advisor (monica.erwer@kvinnatillkvinna.se)