Organisations we support

The West Bank

Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy
Supports grassroots organisations and young female leaders in civil society in Jenin, Bethlehem, Nablus, Tulkarem, Ramallah and Bethlehem in the West Bank. The organisation arranges training programmes on women’s rights, democracy, organisational development and leadership. The Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy works mostly in traditional, agricultural areas, where women live in isolation with almost no possibilities to earn their own income or power to determine their own lives.

SAWA – Jerusalem and Ramallah
Works against sexual violence, a topic that is largely taboo in Palestinian society. SAWA educates volunteers and runs a hotline to support women and young girls who are victims of sexual and gender-based violence. The hotline receives about 18 000 calls a year from women and children throughout Palestine, including Gaza. SAWA also trains government agencies to broaden their understanding of violence against women, so as to prevent them from returning to stereotypical ideas, e.g. violence being the women’s own fault.

The Palestinian Working Women Society for Development, PWWSD
Works to increase women’s political participation and women’s access to psychosocial support and legal aid. PWWSD is active in several cities in the West Bank and runs a number of women’s centres. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation supports the PWWSD’s centre in Tulkarem in the northern part of the West Bank. It is an important meeting place for local women and its activities include arranging courses in women’s rights, for example. PWWSD also organises demonstrations and seminars to make women’s voices heard.

The Stars of Hope Society
Organisation run by, and working for, women with disabilities. Women with disabilities are an extremely marginalised group in Palestinian society. Stars of Hope works to make these women more visible and advocates for its members’ rights to health care, education and inclusion in the labour market. Stars of Hope does advocacy work towards local and national authorities, and arranges courses to raise awareness of disabled women’s living conditions.

Women’s Studies Centre
Conducts a trauma processing project for Palestinian women in the West Bank, whose family members have been killed or imprisoned as a result of the occupation. The organisation arranges discussion groups in East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus as a way to help the women endure their situation. Many participants receive training so that they themselves can help other women in crisis. The Women’s Studies Centre also holds seminars in psychological health for young women and men.


Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection
Founded in 2009, this organisation works for increased gender equality through economic empowerment of women and through encouraging them to become more active in their local communities. Aisha provides marginalized groups in Gaza city and the northern parts of the Gaza strip with psychosocial support and arranges trainings for women to support them in becoming selfsufficient and thereby increasing their independence. The organisation’s main target groups are women and children who have been subjected to violence, school counselors, teachers and doctors.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, PCHR
Works with human rights in the Gaza Strip. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation supports the PCHR’s Women’s Unit, which provides education about women’s rights under family law. The Women’s Unit also works against gender-based violence, by offering individual counselling and free legal aid for women victims. Every year, the PCHR is active in over 1 400 cases in Gaza’s Sharia courts, primarily by providing legal support. The organisation also visits female prisoners and provides education for young Sharia lawyers.

Women’s Affairs Centre, WAC
Focuses on women’s organising in Gaza. In cooperation with local women’s organisations they arrange training sessions on various topics, including violence against women, child marriage and women’s human rights. WAC also helps local organisations to improve their strategic planning, project development and fundraising. With the help of these training sessions, WAC wants to help organisations do more advocacy work for women’s rights in their communities, instead of them only focusing on providing help and support.

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