Organisations we support

Artpolis – Pristina
Uses forum theatre to raise awareness about domestic violence and gender equality, and as a way to process and come to terms with the past. Artpolis brings children, young people and adults from different ethnic groups and minorities together, to create discussions about justice in Kosovo’s transition from war to peace. The organisation has organised three subsequent editions of FEMART feminist festival.

Kosovar Gender Studies Centre – Pristina
Conducts gender research and raises awareness about gender equality among young researchers and in society at large. The centre also advocates for gender mainstreaming of laws and policies.

Kosova Women’s Network, KWN – Pristina
Network with more than 100 women’s organisations that counts women from different ethnic groups as members. KWN runs campaigns, conducts research and supports, protects and promotes the rights and interests of women and girls throughout Kosovo. It works to increase women’s political participation, improve people’s access to health care, prevent trafficking and violence against women, and for everybody to have equal access to education. KWN also supports cooperation between women’s organisations.

Medica Kosova – Gjakova
Supports women that suffer from traumas after being subjected to rape and other types of sexual violence during the conflict. Medica Kosovo offers rehabilitation programs that include medical exhaminations, psychosocial workshops and individual consultations. The organisation has contributed to getting people to talk about the sexual violence committed during the war, something that has been a taboo subject. Medica Kosovo has also been instrumental in the process to improve the legal framework for survivors of war rape and has been working to get EULEX, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, to investigate these cases as possible war crimes.

Mitrovica Women Association for Human Rights – Mitrovica
Organisation with representatives from four ethnic groups – Albanians, Bosnians, RAEs (Roma-Ashkali-Egyptians) and Serbians – working together for women’s rights. The Mitrovica Women Association for Human Rights has a clear peace focus, encouraging cooperation between different ethnic groups in a region where ethnic polarisation is commonplace, including between women members of local parliaments of south and north Mitrovica and youth.

Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations in Kosovo (NRAEWOK) – Pristina
Network of organisations working for minority groups’ rights, with rural women as a special target group. The network also monitors the observance of the national strategy for the integration of RAE (Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian) minorities.

Open Door – Pristina
Runs a women’s centre in Pristina and has mobile teams in nearby villages. Women are invited to participate in workshops to learn about their rights and reproductive health. Open Door organises handicraft fairs on a yearly basis to increase women’s economic empowerment. The organisation also works with peace building initiatives among young women and men in Albanian and Serbian communities,  increasing their involvement in society and encouraging cooperation between different ethnic groups.

Ruka Ruci – Kosovo Polje
Focuses on the situation of Kosovo Serb women. Ruka Ruci provides meeting places for women were they can discuss issues that are important to their local community. On a general level, Ruka Ruci works with women’s rights, gender equality and violence against women. The organisation also cooperates with Open Door on their peace building initiatives (see above).

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