Organisations we support

Amez Organisation – Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan
Works to increase women’s participation in public life, through activities held at the centre for women and girls. For a small fee, Amez provides classes in English, sewing, gymnastics and IT. Halabja is a small village that has been hit hard on several occasions, including the 1988 genocidal poison gas attacks carried out by Saddam Hussein’s regime. Many of the women in Halabja are lacking both education and income – through Amez they get a chance to develop and become self-sufficient.

Baghdad Women’s Association, BWA – Baghdad
Focuses on women, peace and security. BWA, together with other women’s organisations, works with the establishment and follow-up of a national action plan for Iraq for UN Security Council Resolution 1325. BWA also works with the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) shadow report and review of Iraqi government’s adherence to CEDAW. BWA manages three women’s centres in Baghdad, where free legal aid and psycho-social support is available for women and girls in need. The organisation regards education on peace and non-violence issues as well as knowledge of women’s rights, as fundamental for achieving peace and democracy in Iraq. BWA works to increase the proportion of women in politics, trains female candidates and takes part in regional efforts concerning girls’ and women’s rights.

Hawa for Relief and Development organization – Diyala
Founded in 2003, with the focus of developing Iraqi women socially, economically and politically. The organisation works to reduce violence against women and leads advocacy campaigns for obtaining women’s rights and their access to fair legislation. It also encourages women to participate in economic development to strengthen their roles in society. Hawa’s main target groups are widows, divorced women and women with special needs.

Iraqi Women’s League
Founded in 1952, Iraqi Women’s League (IWL) is the country’s oldest women’s rights organisation. It has members and is active in 12 of Iraq’s 18 provinces, including Baghdad, Karbala, Nejaf, Diyala and Kirkuk. Most of the organisation’s work is done by volunteers. IWL works to strengthen women’s rights and increase their political participation, as well as with issues belonging to the women, peace and security agenda and with support to internally displaced people (IDPs).

Iraqi Organization for Woman and Future (IWAF)

IWAF is a humanitarian non-governmental organisation located in Baghdad. Its activities focus on the rehabilitation and empowerment of women and youth. The organisation’s mission is to support Iraqi women in economical, cultural and health issues and to enable them to participate in all processes related to recovery and development. IWAF is an independent organisation which represents the interests of individuals and social groups arising from the needs identified by the local community.

Pana centre – Kirkuk
Pana centre for combating violence against women works to increase the knowledge among Iraqi women about their rights. The centre has several lawyers who defend women’s rights in courts and provide free legal services and consultations to women. It is also running an awareness raising campaign, for increasing the knowledge and understanding of gender equality. Pana centre aims to strengthen the voices of women in the Iraqi community.

Rasan Organization for Women’s Rights – Sulaymaniyah
Founded in 2004, Rasan provides women subjected to abuse and discrimination with legal and psychosocial support. The organisation also works for long-term change, through education and workshops targeting organisations, state bodies and religious and political leaders and through documenting and producing statistics on women’s rights issues. Its aim is to get laws and traditions which go against women’s rights amended. Rasan is part of the national network 1325 Alliance, created to speed up Iraq’s work with the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Additionally, the organisation provides IDP women with basic aid like food and hygiene products.

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