Organisations we support

Budućnost – Modriča
Supports women who have been subjected to violence. Budućnost runs a hotline and a shelter offering various forms of therapy and legal advice. The organisation works to prevent violence against women, and supports women in politics and in society at large. In 2010, Budućnost opened Bosnia-Herzegovina’s the first men’s center as part of its work to change attitudes of men as perpetrators of domestic violence. Budućnost also organises projects on peacebuilding and seeks to increase women’s awareness of their rights.

Centre of Legal Assistance for Women – Zenica
Since 1996, the Center of Legal Assistance for Women have been offering women free legal advice, both face-to-face and online. They have set up educational, online learning platforms targeting main stakeholders and authorities dealing with human rights and gender based violence. CLA also monitors courts and works on peace building with a focus on women’s rights. In their advocacy and awareness raising work, they use street actions, flash-mobs and digital stories.

CURE Foundation – Sarajevo
A feminist activist group that has been working for gender equality and strengthening young women activism in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 2005. Through research, education, culture and art CURE strives to achieve equality between women and men, and for the issue to permeate society and to be recognised as important. In September each year, CURE organises a feminist art festival called “Pitchwise”, which has become well-known in the region and attracts a lot of media coverage.

Forum Žena – Bratunac
Forum Žena is a grass-root organisation mainly working with peace building, transitional justice and women’s political participation. They have been supported by Kvinna till Kvinna since 2000. In the beginning the organisations main focus was reconciliation work and support to Muslim returnees in the villages around Bratunac. Forum Žena serves as a link between women and different institutions and decision-makers. It also provides training on women’s rights and works with young women’s activism, for example through a “mini school of feminism”.

Helsinki Citizens Assembly Banja Luka – Banja Luka
Established in 1996, HCA is a human rights organisation working for empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society. It focuses on reconciliation, gender equality and the strengthening of marginalized groups – like women’s and youth’s opportunities to participate and influence policy making in society.

Horizonti – Tuzla
Horizonti started in 1994, as a provider of support for traumatized women and women victims of violence, including group and individual therapy and counseling. Now, the organisaiton also works with prevention, lobbying and advocacy. Lately, Horizonti’s focus has been on peacebuilding and dealing with issues of the past.

Lara – Bijeljina
Foundation Lara was founded in 1998, and works against trafficking and with assisting its victims. The organisation also works with issues concerning local reconciliation and peace building/dealing with the past. Lara runs a women’s center and a safe house in Bijeljina and supports women with legal aid. It has also been active in advocating for improved legal protection for women.

Prava za sve (Rights for All) – Sarajevo
Promoting citizen’s participation in democratic institutions and processes through advocacy campaigns exposing human rights violations and discrimination cases demanding legislative and policy reforms as well as enabling civil society organizations to participate in decision-making processes. Prava za sve also operates through activist and social researches, monitoring and reporting, developing advocacy documents and recommendations for changes in legislation, policies and practices and developing civil society capacities.

United Women – Banja Luka
Works to strengthen women’s rights and gender equality. The organisation provides legal assistance to women who have experienced violence. United Women advocates for authorities to work more efficiently with the prevention of violence against women and to increase public awareness of the issue. The organisation also seeks to increase women’s participation in politics and works with court monitoring.

Ženski Centar – Trebinje
The main focus of Ženski Centar is domestic violence and empowerment of rural women. Since 2002, Ženski Centar has run a women’s center and it provides women with legal aid, psycho-social support and health care, as well as training for economic empowerment. The organisation also works with advocacy and has opened an “Ethno Room”, where women from vulnerable groups meet, exhibit, and sell handicrafts and revive old vocations.

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