Organisations we support

Democracy Today – Yerevan
Encourages women across Armenia to engage in politics by supporting women in rural and border villages to set up women’s centers. Democracy Today also works with peacebuilding, women’s self-sufficiency and against trafficking. In addition, the organisation runs activities to change gender stereotypes and to strengthen women’s position in society and within the family. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is also supporting the Nalbandyan Women’s Club (rural organisation) through Democracy Today.

Society Without Violence, SWV – Yerevan
Educates young women, mostly in rural areas, about women’s rights, democracy and leadership, with the aim of inspiring them to get involved in politics, culture and society, and encouraging them to become leaders and human rights defenders. SWV also works to get more women into peace processes. In 2011, SWV started an Armenian branch of the Women in Black movement. SWV also runs a project to integrate gender equality in school curriculums.

Women’s Resource Center NGO – Yerevan
Feminist organisation whose goal it is for women to have equal opportunities to become active citizens in society. Women’s Resource Center NGO operates a resource centre for young women in Yerevan, where they can participate in discussion groups and courses on women’s rights, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights. In addition Women’s Resource Center NGO supports a resource centre for women living in the conflict region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The organisation is also working to increase women’s participation in peace processes.

Women’s Rights Center, WRC – Yerevan
Runs crisis centers in different regions of Armenia as well as in Yerevan to support women survivors of domestic violence. WRC also operates a hotline and offers counselling, legal advice, as well as support with litigation and contact with the police. The organisation runs a shelter, and educates the public and various stakeholders such as the police, ministries and students on causes and mechanisms of gender-based violence, including prevention and protection of survivors.

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